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Sindhi Poetry & its Impact on Culture & Traditions

The Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature hosts a wide array of literary sessions under the umbrella of Halqa-e Dānish (The Circle of Learning) and Bazm-e-Adab (An Assembly of Literature). These sessions highlight and celebrate Pakistan and the region’s rich linguistic diversity by inviting scholars, academics and practitioners of regional languages and literatures to discuss the nuances of their respective traditions.

This semester, the Gurmani Centre has hosted a few events of Bazm-e-Adab that have focused on Pashto, and the first event of the Halqa-e-Danish series is dedicated to celebrate the diversity of Sindhi culture. It will focus on a trio of Sindhi classical poetry namely, Shah Abdul Karim (1536-1623), Abdul Wahab (1739-1829), more commonly known as Sachal, and Chainrai Sami (1743-1850). Often referred to as Shah, Sachal and Sami, these poets and their works have a significant impact on new and classical trends of Sindhi poetry.

Our guest for this session is Anwar Aziz Chandio, a prominent figure in Sindhi culture. Hailing from Larkana, one of the cultural hubs of Sindhi language, Aziz is a widely recognized Sindhi intellectual and scholar, who has various literary columns, and articles to his credit. Aziz has closely observed the culture of two provinces of Pakistan, Punjab, and Sindh, and is passionate about developing a cultural bridge between them.

The session will be moderated by Mr. Ashok Kumar, who teaches Sindhi language and literature at the Gurmani Center. He has worked as a translator and linguist with various educational and governmental organizations for the advancement of the Sindhi language.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

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