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Khokha Natak Enacts “Dulhan Kaisī” by Ismat Chughtai

On November 7, 2019, Khoka Natak paid tribute to Ismat Chughtai with an enactment of her short story "Dulhan Kaisī". The performance commemorated her 28th death anniversary, which had passed just a week ago. The cast of the short play included Javeria Hasnain as Hameeda, Humayun Babar as Shafiq, Momil Ali as Amma, and Laiba Shahid as Chammi Khala.

The enactment was a faithful rendition of the original text, and closely followed both its storyline and dialogue. The performance balanced the comic aspects of the story with its commentary on cultural expectations placed on brides. Laiba Shahid evoked constant laughter from the audience through her fluid dialogue delivery, theatrical gesturing, and natural command of the space. Javeria Hasnain's lively performance of Hameeda—whose chief dialogue was to ask 'dulhan kaisi hai?'— was delivered with such consistency that the audience fully felt the frustration of the character. By the end of the play, the audience was anticipating a response to her question from Chammi Khala just as eagerly as her character.

Despite a slight drizzle during the performance, none of the performers indicated any breaks in character and were able to deliver a witty and light-hearted performance. Khoka Natak will be returning with its final performance of the semester at the end of November.


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