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Friday, 1st April at 3:00pm - History of Punjab through Folk Literature (Academic Block, A-3)

The Gurmani Centre has hosted several sessions this semester dedicated to Pashto and Sindhi where renowned scholars introduced the LUMS community to classical and contemporary expressions in these two languages. The Centre's upcoming talk adds the Punjabi flavor to the ongoing discussions and presents a conversation between Zahid Hussain and Professor Saeed Bhutta on the history and development of Punjab’s folk literature. In Professor Bhutta’s opinion, the history of Punjab is recorded and portrayed very differently in textbooks and narratives recorded by foreigners; it is the Punjabi folk literature, folk poetry, and folk tales that offer a true picture of this land and its inhabitants. Professor Saaed Bhutta's talk will highlight how the voice of these tales sings a song completely different from texts documented by authoritarian regimes.

Professor Saeed Bhutta is a renowned scholar of Punjabi literature. Much of his published works deal with the oral traditions and how they contrast with the image of the province found in Persian and English writings. His collection of folktales portray Punjab as a province of sophisticated culture inhabited by people committed to the cause of social justice— a challenge to the dominant narrative that has been in circulation for centuries.

The talk will be streamed online as well. Click on this link to join the session:

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