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Dance Performance on “čhāp tilak sab čheenī” by Khokha Natak

On November 28, 2019, Khokha Natak presented a dance performance on Hadiqa Kiana’s rendition of Ameer Khusro’s ghazal “chāp tilak sab čheenī ''. Performing this time were Waqas Manzoor, Momil Ali, Hammad Bilal, Aisha Riaz, Hamza Iqbal, Esra Faisal, Usama Yasin and Javeria Hasnain.

Waqas Manzoor— who has been organizing the series since Fall 2018—took a step back for the final performance. He explained that this decision was motivated by his desire to leave the series behind as a lasting legacy, even after his approaching graduation. The vibrant dance performance was curated by Javeria Hasnain and Momil Ali, who have been integral members of the team over the past two years. Elaborating on the choice of music for the performance Hasnain said that they selected the song “because of its vivid thumrī, and how well it lent itself to being translated into dance.” The performance was choreographed by Hasnain Dilawer, and incorporated a mixture of luddi, kathak, and other folk dance styles. “We incorporated various dance styles to retain the original essence of this kalaam,” Hasnain explained.

The performance began with a procession from Extended Khokha to the main Khokha, and was accompanied by a dholak. After arriving at the site of the performance, the dancers relied on no other props except their colourful shalwar kameez.

The dance’s most well received moment, arrived when all eight dancers tossed their dupattas to the center to create a rainbow coloured twirl. It was met by laughter, applause, and whistles from the gathered crowd.The audience was also very quick to join in on the rhythmic claps of the song,

Notably, this was the most attended and applauded performance of the Khoka Natak series to date.


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