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Bunyād & Āṛē Tirčẖē Ā’īnē are now available at LUMS Store

Bunyād, the annual double-blind peer-reviewed scholarly Urdu research journal, launches its 13th volume this year. Published by the Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature, the journal features unpublished works on Urdu language, literature, culture, linguistics, semantics, history, and philosophy. It aims to promote archival research and preserve academic works in the Urdu language. The Centre is therefore delighted to start the Fall semester with a session dedicated to introducing the new volume to our readers. ____________

ĀṚĒ TIRČH̱Ē Ā’ĪNĒ by Sarmad Sehbai Āṛē Tirčẖē Ā’īnē is the most comprehensive compilation of Sarmad Sehbai's stage plays that brings together his six Urdu plays and three Punjabi plays. Most of these plays were staged in Lahore during 1970-76. Taken together, they form a landmark collection that is also an invaluable psychological, social and cultural portrait of our individual and collective lives. ​ “Sarmad imperceptibly makes full use of wit that underpins the idiom of language evolved by cheerful and self-mocking Punjabi temperament over thousands of years.”

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