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Ahmed Bilal Awan Bazm-e-Adab Modern Pashto Prose - Said Amin ul Ahsan

The Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature aims to promote and celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity of Pakistan. For this, the Centre holds several literary sessions under the umbrellas of Halqa-e Dānish (The Circle of Learning) and Bazm-e-Adab (An Assembly of Literature) to offer the audience a chance to engage with scholars, academics and practitioners of regional languages and their literature.

The Gurmani Centre’s upcoming session on March 18, 2022 in the Bazm-e-Adab series, invites Mr. Said-ul Amin Ahsan to discuss Pashto afsāna (short story). He will discuss the inception of this literary tradition, the requirements of this genre, and its absorption of modern trends.

A civil servant by profession, Ahsan has had a longstanding affiliation with literature as he holds Master's degrees in both Arabic and Pashto literature. His areas of interest include comparative literary studies of Arabic, Persian, Pashto, and Urdu. His publications address a variety of themes that include Islamic jurisprudence, Pashto as a market language, Pashto proverbs, Indian Style (Sabk-i-Hindi) in Pashto, literary journalism, and comparison of Pashto and Persian poets of Indian style. Apart from Pashto, his research also dabbles with Adab-el-Mahjar i.e., Arabic literature excluding scientific writings. Some of his earlier works also deal with matters such as the mid-16th century Sufi Rōshānī Movement in Afghanistan, the origin of Sufi school of thought among the Pashtuns, and the beginning of Pashto prose.

Mr. Imad Khan, Pashto language and literature instructor at the Gurmani Center will be the host of this session.

The session will be streamed online as well. Please click on this link to join the webinar:

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