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A Discussion on Contemporary Urdu Nazm

A leading contemporary Urdu poet, Afzal Ahmed Syed is well-known for his experimental writing style.

He has published three collections of prose poems and one of ghazals. Translations of his poetry have been published in English, Sindhi, Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, and German. His translation of the complete Persian works of Mir Taqi Mir was published by Oxford University Press in 2013 under the title Divan-e-Mir: Farsi maa Urdu Tarjuma.

Born in 1967 in Shahdadpur, Sindh, Inaam Nadeem lives in Karachi and is an Assistant Professor at Habib University, Karachi. A poet, writer, translator, and a teacher by profession, Inaam Nadeem has six books to his credit including a volume of ghazals. His first book Dar-e-Khawab received the Aks-e-Khushbu Poetry Prize in 2003. He has translated many English novels into Urdu including Omar Hamid Shahid’s The Prisoner and Rabisankar Bal’s Dozakhnama and A Mirrored Life. He has also translated and edited a volume of short stories of renowned Hindi fiction writer Bhisham Sahni. His literary essays and articles about music are published frequently. He has also compiled an anthology about Asif Farrukhi and complete works of poet Akbar Masoom. 

Tanveer Anjum is a distinguished poet from Karachi, who emerged on the scene of Urdu poetry in the 1970s and became famous in the genre of prose poem. She is the author of Andekhi Lehrein (1982); Safar aur Qaid mein Nazmein (1993); Toofani Barishon mein Raqsan Sitarey (1997); Sar-o-Barg-e-Arzoo (2001); Zindagi Mere Pairon se Lipat Jaaegi (2010); Naye Naam ki Mohabbat (2013); Hashyon mein Rang (2016); Frame se Bahar (2016); Nai Zabaan ke Huruf (2020); and Fireworks on a Windowpane (2014; English translations of her selected poems). She has a PhD in English from the University of Texas, Austin and currently teaches Urdu and English Literature courses at Habib University and Iqra University, Karachi. She is a recipient of the Aizaz-e-Fazeelat award from the President of Pakistan.

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